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Melissa Ingraham

Melissa Ingraham is a young Bahamian citizen who obtained her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in 2018 from The University of Tampa.  With a vast background in Caribbean species identification and research experience in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, she has long been passionate about the protection and conservation of her home country and its environment.

Climate Change is year by year proving to have significant, negative effects globally. Melissa believes that the implementation of sustainable living methods can help Small Island Developing States like the Bahamas, to better prepare themselves in building resilience and adapting to the changing environment. 

Currently, Melissa is working at The Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology (BEST) Commission as the IWEco Project Manager, which relates to reducing pressures on land degradation and increasing biodiversity in Grand Bahama. In her spare time, she enjoys at home gardening and landscaping.

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