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Bahamas Team
Tree Planting Initiative Team
Team - Melissa


Regional Leader

Chaz Garraway is a certified commercial pilot who is currently a third year engineering student at Dalhousie University and has been involved with environmental issues from a very young age.Chaz started a recycling program in high school, became a Climate Reality Leader, trained personally by former US Vice President Al Gore. He regularly gives presentations on issues related to Climate Change to a wide variety of audiences. He is involved with several organizations in Halifax fighting climate change including; the Enrich Project, which fights environmental racism issues, the Dalhousie Renewable Energy Society, which researches and builds renewable energy projects, and is the Chairman for iMatter Youth Halifax.Most recently, he has gained the title of Chair of the Youth Outreach Committee of the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance and participated in a panel at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York in September 2019 to talk about sustainable development and the pathway to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean.


Melissa Ingraham

National Leader

Head of Trees

Melissa is a young Bahamian citizen who obtained her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in 2018 from The University of Tampa.  With a vast background in Caribbean species identification and research experience in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, she has long been passionate about the protection and conservation of her home country and its environment. Climate Change is year by year proving to have significant, negative effects globally. Melissa believes that the implementation of sustainable living methods can help Small Island Developing States like the Bahamas, to better prepare themselves in building resilience and adapting to the changing environment. 

Currently, Melissa is working at The Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology (BEST) Commission as the IWEco Project Manager, which relates to ecodevelopment in Grand Bahama. In her spare time, she enjoys at home gardening and landscaping.


Tiana Amann

Assistant National Leader

Head of Educational Outreach

Tiana Amann is a Bahamian German dual citizen who graduated from Queen’s College high school in The Bahamas and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Destination Management, at IUBH in Germany. With a passion for tourism and hospitality, Tiana finds herself constantly researching and learning about ways to improve the industry through travelling, working abroad and studying different cultures and ways of life.

She first became interested in sustainability and climate change during her junior year where she did a research project on rising sea levels. Tiana is currently working on her bachelor thesis on, “Empowering Caribbean Youths through Sustainable Educational Development: A case study of The Bahamas” where she hopes to shed some light on the diverse, successful and advanced education systems in European countries and how these should and can be implemented in The Bahamas to aid with sustainable development of human capital and subsequently the economy.

Tiana seeks to someday work in The Bahamas with various hotel brands and the Ministry of Tourism to implement, service and hospitality training systems and internships which would be an alternative to university. Ultimately, Tiana’s goal is to grow the tourism market in the Bahamas in a sustainable fashion.

Ingeria Miller.png

Ingeria Miller

Head of Media & Marketing

Ingeria Miller is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources, Policy and Ecology.  She also holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy. She has been employed with the Government of The Bahamas since January 2008.  Her first five years were spent at the Bahamas Environment Science and Technology Commission primarily reviewing Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans and administering Multilateral Environmental Agreements.  Since March 2013, Ms. Miller has worked in the Forestry Unit. Her areas of expertise include Natural Resources Management, Biological Sciences, Ornithology, Botany, Project Management, Forestry and Land Use Planning. Miller is also a past president in Toastmasters International, an avid reader and compulsive traveler.

CPA 100k Tree Launch at QC Mar 5- -219.J

Ancilleno Davis

Head of Coastal Trees

Dr. Ancilleno Davis is an ecologist and educator. He received his PhD from Miami university in Oxford Ohio. He studied the impact of human behavior on the biodiversity record. While working for the Nature Conservancy Bahamas Program, Dr. Davis coordinated the Kerzner Marine Foundation's Blue Project, started the first coral nursery in the Bahamas, founded the BEINGS network which is the largest group of Bahamian Scientists at 1100 members and he coordinated the Bahamas Million Tree Campaign.


Currently Ancilleno is the sustainability Coordinator for Blue Lagoon Island and owns and operates "Science and Perspective" a suite of social media avenues where he delivers science content through the lens of Bahamian Experience and culture.


Danielle Hanek Culmer

Head of Terrestrial Trees

Danielle Hanek Culmer is an environmental professional with over 15 years of experience working in the natural resource management field of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 

Danielle’s background integrates urban and regional planning, GIS technologies, forestry sciences, and project management. A strong focus includes fostering community engagement as developing and managing various levels of stakeholder participation is key to the success of any initiative.

Her current position is a Senior Forest Officer at the Forestry Unit undertone auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Housing. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Forestry Sciences from ENGREF. Nancy, France in 2003 (now AgroParis Tech University).

She is a current member of the Commonwealth Forestry Association and the Urban and regional Information Systems Association.


Errington Thompson

Agricultural Consultant

Presently a Business Consultant, Farmer and Entrepreneur, Errington considers himself a champion of the environment, a Climate Change activist and a proponent for Food and Nutrition Security in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Errington is a Graduate from the University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, where he obtained a B.S.c. Degree (Hons) in Business Administration with a Major in Finance. He is also an Associate of the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services. He has attended many Courses and Seminars in Canada, United States and Great Britain, Europe and the Caribbean.

 Errington serves in the Co-operative sector in the Bahamas as a member of Bahamas Agri-Business Co-operative Society Limited and a member of the Advisory Committee on Co-operatives. He serves in the Agricultural Sector in the Bahamas as a member of the Advisory Committee on Agriculture and the Caribbean as a member of the Agriculture Alliance of the Caribbean (AACARI) with its headquarters in Antigua & Barbuda.

Team- Tiana
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