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Tiana Amann

Tiana Amann is a Bahamian German dual citizen who graduated from Queen’s College high school in The Bahamas and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Destination Management, at IUBH in Germany. With a passion for tourism and hospitality, Tiana finds herself constantly researching and learning about ways to improve the industry through travelling, working abroad and studying different cultures and ways of life.

She first became interested in sustainability and climate change during her junior year where she did a research project on rising sea levels. Tiana is currently working on her bachelor thesis on, “Empowering Caribbean Youths through Sustainable Educational Development: A case study of The Bahamas” where she hopes to shed some light on the diverse, successful and advanced education systems in European countries and how these should and can be implemented in The Bahamas to aid with sustainable development of human capital and subsequently the economy.

Tiana seeks to someday work in The Bahamas with various hotel brands and the Ministry of Tourism to implement, service and hospitality training systems and internships which would be an alternative to university. Ultimately, Tiana’s goal is to grow the tourism market in the Bahamas in a sustainable fashion.

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