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Chaz Garraway

Chaz Garraway is a certified commercial pilot who is currently a third year engineering student at Dalhousie University and has been involved with environmental issues from a very young age. As a young person from The Bahamas, Chaz has seen the effects of climate change first hand, from rising seas to severe hurricanes. After years of research and learning about climate change and its effects on the environment, he has taken action to contribute to the solutions. Chaz started a recycling program in high school, became a Climate Reality Leader, trained personally by former US Vice President Al Gore. He regularly gives presentations on issues related to Climate Change to a wide variety of audiences. He is involved with several organizations in Halifax fighting climate change including; the Enrich Project, which fights environmental racism issues, the Dalhousie Renewable Energy Society, which researches and builds renewable energy projects, and is the Chairman for iMatter Youth Halifax.  Chaz is also a member of the inaugural Youth Advisory Committee for Halifax and the HalifACT 2050 team, which is a group of professionals working to set targets of net-zero emissions for Halifax.

Most recently, he has gained the title of Chair of the Youth Outreach Committee of the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance and participated in a panel at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York in September 2019 to talk about sustainable development and the pathway to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean.  In January 2020, Chaz organized, hosted and led ‘The Sustainable Lifestyle’ in The Bahamas, an event that educated, entertained and inspired over 200 Bahamians about sustainability and how it can be used to combat Climate Change. After hurricane Dorian devastated The Bahamas, Chaz led a team of over 80 Bahamians across Nova Scotia and collected over 370 boxes worth of relief supplies.  He hopes to continue to be a voice for the millions of people at risk from the effects of climate change as well as to be an advocate for change and sustainable development.

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